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Zepf Medical Instruments Germany Nail Scissors for Hands and Toenails, Gold, Curved, Razor-Sharp, 11.5 x 5 cm, 33 g, Curved Stainless Steel, Stable Extremely Durable

Price: €38.10
(as of Jun 21,2022 02:52:19 UTC – Details)

These nail scissors will make your hands and feet happy!
Hands are the most stressed body parts, so they should also enjoy the best possible care. With the best possible nail scissors.
Knife Sharp. Extra fine cuticle and nail scissors with curved tip. Made of stainless and gold-plated steel. Large finger eyes, also suitable for stronger fingers. Comfortable cutting for left and right handed users. Cuts finger and toenails, as well as skin, rivet nails and hairs. Tip: soften your finger and toenails before cutting to ensure a perfect cut and avoid chipping. Securely stored in a high-quality leather case. The scissors fit perfectly in the hand. Surgical quality and precision from southern Germany, from ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS.

ZEPF MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS offers a full range of surgical instruments. In the best German surgical quality. At the pulse of technical development.
Excellent nail scissors that allow smooth cuts that won’t fray, chip or break even on thicker and firm nails.
Extra sharp curved edge Ideal for use as nail scissors for fingers and feet, as well as cuticle scissors. Rivet nails can also be cut exactly as the scissors are perfectly sharpened to the tip.
Made of gold plated and rust-proof stainless steel for extreme durability. Delicate, fine and at the same time very sturdy.
Surgical quality and precision from Zepf Medical Instruments Germany
Suitable for right and left handed users
Thanks to the large, rounded finger eyes, the scissors fit very comfortably in the hand.

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