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Why is German “The Language “ to learn in 2022


Germany is the land of innovators, thinkers and inventors! So it is no surprise that this country has retained its long-standing in the academic field as one of the top three contenders of knowledge and innovation. If you want to be part of the frontliners of the fourth Industrial revolution , then your best bet is to be acquainted with the language , personalities , culture and education system so that you get first dibs into the complex and intricate minds and experiences that set you apart from your peers. 


The importance of the German Langauge in academics


1. The insight:


 Around 77 German-speaking Nobel laureates are recorded in the history of science and medicine. German is the second most commonly used scientific language in the world. A quick note to make is to be aware that German is a language that is the third most reproduced in the written form for technical and advanced science books apart from Chinese and English as most of the innovators in German stick to their roots when sharing their knowledge and expertise. 


2. The outreach and opportunities:


Germany provides its students with international education that promotes out of the box thinking and incubators that give rise to a myriad of innovations, insights and conversations that shape the future of tomorrow. Hence, it should be no surprise that German is the gateway to world-class higher education.It´s education laws, and outreach is towards attracting international students to foster a unique and one of a kind experience for the students with less tuition fees so that they are able to be in league with the standards of the country’s education and proficiency in the fields of science ,medicine , engineering , arts etc without worrying about the financial side of things . 


The importance of German in the job market:


Given the fact that Germany is the land of modern innovation, It is the second largest exporter in the world.It is one of the most prominent languages spoken in the business and engineering fields of today as there is a high demand for German translators during business transactions . It has the biggest economy in the Europe union and fourth largest in the world . It is the largest second language learnt in the Europe union as it is home to numerous international companies across the world . It is the hotspot for innovation and start-ups with unique laws and regulation to facilitate the same . The city of Berlin in Germany has the largest number of start-ups being setup in the world . 


Social advantage:


Learning a new language offers you an unparallel opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture and way of life that is vastly different from the one you are a part of . It opens up new travel destinations across Europe as German is spoken across more than half of the countries that belong to the Europe union . This allows you to be culturally open minded and receptive to new ideas and thoughts . 


Learning German:


Learning Germany is no hassle for a person with prior knowledge in English as it stems from the same Germanic roots and required no extra learning in terms of alphabets and other basics. As it shares many similarities between English and Dutch too , it is said to be one of the easiest second or third languages to learn by as the foundations are already present . learning a language is no brainer in today’s world given the array of options present in the internet . Choose your pick and get started . Germany is among the super powers in all sections of economic activity and it has established itself as a hub of international trade and commerce. Germany is therefore one of the most visited countries for undertaking trade, business and study abroad. To do this smoothly without making mistake in communication, German language learning is essential.

Tips and tricks to learn German faster :

1. Find a strong reason that will keep you motivated. 


Be it academics, movies and pop culture or just the thought of travelling to some of the beautiful places in German in the near or far future . Figure out your end goal !


2. Keep things interesting


 Look for methods and routines that work for you .Go ahead and watch a German movie , listen to a German song , or just learn its history . Create opportunities to talk with people who have sufficient language fluency at the very least if you are scared to talk with a native 

The new language opens up new opportunities and offers you an outlook that you have never come across otherwise. Personal, professional, economic and social considerations are the added advantages of learning the German language.

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