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The Old German Puppet Play of Doctor Faust

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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: APPENDIX. NOTE i. Bonneschky’s version of the Puppet-play, it is worthy of remark, has no vorspiel, or prelude. In this respect it, follows the plan of Marlowe’s tragedy, and is in keeping with any representation of Faust that I have seen upon the stage. In view of the fact, however, that Goethe and Lessing (if we may accept as accurate the information we possess with regard to the hitter’s scheme of a drama), both had recourse to a prelude in the construction of their Fausts, it cannot be without interest to note that a Vorspiel is to be found in at least three of the versions of the Puppet-play which have been preserved. These versions are, ?(i) Doctor Johann Faust, Schauspiel in zwei Theilen, vom Ulmer Puppentheater, abgedruckt Kloster v. s. 783-805; (2) Der Weltberiihmte Doctor Faust, Schauspiel in fiinf Aufziigen, vom Strassburger Puppentheater, abgedruckt Kloster v. s. 853-883; (3) Das Volksschauspiel Doctor Johann Faust, herausgegeben von Karl Engel, Oldenburg, 1874. The character of the Vorspiel in all three is very similar. The Ulm version opens with a scene in Hades. The dramatis personal are, ?Pluto, Charon, and Devils. Charon begins, complaining that he has too few souls to ferry over the Stygian river, and requesting Pluto to mend matters by despatching fiends to the earth to seduce more souls. Pluto acquiesces, and at once sends devils upon the mission. The play then turns to Faust. In Engel’s version the same idea is somewhat more elaborately wroughtup. The scene is laid amid dreadful rocks and caves, with red fire illumination. Scene I. Charon, the ferryman of hell, enters, carrying under his arm a rudder marked with magic characters. In a loud voice he complains that he will no longer continue to ply over Styx and Acheron, because his boat is n…

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