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Surgical Seam Kit | Wound Stitching Exercise Kit | Silicone Sewing Cushion with Tool Kit | 24 Wound Seam Thread Surgical Sewing Kit | Gift for Medical Students, Vets and Dentists | Wound Seam Video Course

Price: €39.99
(as of Jun 15,2022 07:47:48 UTC – Details)

Get prepared for the real thing.

Our seam pad has been revised and improved after receiving feedback from doctors and medical students.

Our latest improvement of the product features a built-in mesh layer between the laced skin layer and the fat layer, making the pad more durable and suitable for repetitive exercises.

Online Training Web

Learn and master the stitching techniques for Simple Interrupted Suture, Simple Buried Suture, Mattress Suture and Running Suture etc.

Package details:

1 x Pinnacle Medics All-in-One Case

1 x silicone sewing pad with pre-cut wounds.

1 x seam tool suite (Hegar needle holder, Adson pliers, mosquito pliers, iris scissors, scalpel handle).

5 x scalpel blades.

24 x seam thread with needle (nylon monofilament, polypropylene monofilament, polyester braided, silk braided of size 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, two for each size).

Legal disclaimer:

This product is for demonstration and training purposes only and is not intended for use on humans or animals. Not for clinical use.

Complete Wound Suture Practice Kit – Pinnacle Medics Complete Wound Suture Practice Kit contains all the essential elements to sharpen your seam techniques on a variety of wounds and facilitate the way to become an experienced doctor.
Durable and high quality – Our Suture Pad is not slippery and equipped with a durable mesh structure. It is designed to simulate the anatomical structure of the human tissue with three layers, namely laced skin, fat and muscle to provide the best human tissue feeling. It comes with 14 wounds of 8 types and has enough space for extra cuts.
PORTABLE AND COMFORTABLE – Our seam kit (Suture Kit) contains all the essential items in an easy to carry case: silicone sewing pad, Hegar needle holder, Adson pliers, mosquito pliers, iris scissors, scalpel handle (5 pack), mixed sterile stitching thread with needle (24 pack with size 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, two for each size).
Online Learning – Special online learning website tailored to seam training. The online Learning website gives you easy access to seam knowledge and step-by-step HD video training series with an experienced pro that helps you learn and practice how to find seams so you can gain confidence and develop a steady hand.

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