Roadmap for Dentists coming to Germany

This course is designed for international dental graduates and specialist dentists who wish to train in Germany and pursue their Careers in Germany.

A participant in this course will learn in a detailed step by step manner about the entire pathway for working as a dentist in Germany, tips and tricks to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles expected in Germany.

The Participant will also learn Intricacies of Visa Application, Documentation for a strong Visa Application and Interview Strategies. Process and Strategies to get a Job in a German Hospital / dental Practices.

Study Preparation plan for Fachsprach/ and Kenntnisprufung, the two Exams necessary to get a Permanent medical license in Germany in order to begin a recognised training program in Speciality of choice.

Participant will be explained about the entire process and documentation for Temporary and Permanent Medical License along with Defizitbescheid.

Please go through the Objectives of our Course in the Curriculum: Click Below. 

Course Fee : € 89

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