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Required Documents for Application for Medical License in Germany

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  • Birth certificate
  • If the name used differs from the one on the birth certificate: proof of a name change (e.g. marriage certificate)
  • Passport: Valid proof of identity
  • Curriculum vitae: Complete and personally signed CV (Tabular and chronological list of the training courses completed and the employment activities performed, specifying the periods (month/year) and enclosing the relevant evidence/ Work Experience Certificates)
  • Medical Degree /Diploma: Proof of your Completed Medical Course e.g. Diploma /Degree.
  • Transcript of Hours and Marks: Overview of the subjects completed during the course with the Number of hours and Grades/ Marks (you can get it from your Medical College or University.
  • Internship Completion Certificate: Proof of completed compulsory 12 months Internship
  • Medical License: Proof of Entitlement to practice the medical profession in the country of training and/or country of origin.
  • Good Standing Certificate: Required from all countries in which the medical profession has already been practised in the last five years. (This certificate must not be older than three months when the application is received.)
  • Work experience and Further Training Certificates
  • Personalised Curriculum (in the original) issued by the University of Medical College. No Translation required if it is in English.
  • B2 Level Goethe German Language Certificate
  • Medical German Test: Fachsprachprüfung ( to prove the required language skills to work as a doctor in a german Hospital) ( Registration will be done through the Medical Licensing Authority. The Exam will be conducted at State Medical Council, in some States, some private Institutes are authorized to conduct the Exam) Check out the link to learn more about the Exam( https://www.dminetzinternational.com/fsp-to-kp-intensive-course-2/ )
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (original),( that should be done in Germany from Hausarzt / Family Doctor) This must be issued and signed by a general practitioner or internist doctor established in Germany or another signatory to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or in Switzerland and stamped with a practice or clinic stamp.  If the practice or clinic stamp is not available in German, a German translation of the stamp is required. It must not be older than three months when it is submitted.
  • Certificate of Good Conduct of document type “O” : Führungszeugnis (If the applicant has already stayed in Germany for more than six months in the past or has or still has a place of residence in Germany.)( In Germany, this must be applied for at the Registration office ( Rathaus / Bürgerbüro / Ausländerbehörde) in the place of residence, stating the purpose “Approval as a doctor”.  The Federal Office of Justice sends the certificate of good conduct directly to the competent authority.)The certificate of good conduct must not be older than three months when the application is received.
  • Proof of Impunity / Police Clearance Certificate: Submission of extracts from criminal records from all countries in which the applicant has resided for more than six months in the past five years.)( The extracts from the criminal records must not be older than three months when the application is received.)

2 Sets of Documents to be submitted along with the Application Form :

Set 1 : Photocopies of the Originals ( Attested by the German Embassy in your Home Country)

Set 2 : German Translation of the Originals.

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