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Intergrated Program for Nurses

Your companion on every step of the way, from Language Training in your Home Country to beginning your Career as a Nurse in Germany. 

Why Germany ?

The Healthcare System and the Social Security System in Germany is considered one of the best in the World. The high standard quality of life, job security, opportunities and benefits of the strongest economy of Europe attract thousands of healthcare professionals to Germany every year inspite of the challenging bureaucracy and a totally different language that every candidate has to master before setting foot in Germany.

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Steps towards a Job as a Nurse in Germany

Contact our Team to learn about the required Documentation and Enrollment requirements along with fee structure. 

Email : info@dminetzinternational.com

After Enrollment, Submit the Documents and  Start the Online German Language Course with our qualified teachers from the comfort of your home. 

A1 to B2 Level usually takes 6-8 months, depending upon your efforts.


While you learn the language we will translate your documents and assist you to apply for Defizitbescheid and Nursing License  to the responsible regulatory authorities in Germany

During your B2 Course,  we will arrange Job Interviews for you. And train you for the interviews.

After passing the Interview, you apply for the appropriate Visa at the German Embassy near you.

After Visa Approval, we make travel arrangements for you and arrange Accomodation in Germany.

Start working as Nursing Assistant (monthly salary approx €1200) till you get an Exam Date for Knowledge Test. 

Training for the Test will be done along with the Job.

Pass the Test and start working a Registered Nurse (starting monthly Salary approx. € 2500)


Eligibility to work as a Nurse in Germany

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Salary of Nurses in Germany

The Salary of the Nurses vary according to the state and the type of Institution you work at. However, for all practical purposes, one should assume the starting salary of Brutto €33000 annually. Extra duties, Weekend duties and Night shifts etc are paid additionally raising the salary around 25-30 %. 

One Stop Solution for required Training and Guidance towards your Career in Germany

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