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COVID: Germany to offer booster shots for all | News | DW

All people in Germany will eventually be offered a booster shot of a COVID-19 vaccine six months after receiving their previous injection, Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Friday. The measure had been agreed with regional health ministers, Spahn said. “This should become the norm, not the exception,” Spahn added. Spahn delivered the message as Germany hit its highest infection rate since the start of the pandemic for the second day running. Key points from Spahn’s speech Spahn unveiled plans for mandatory coronavirus tests for visitors and personal in care homes, including for those who are already

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DER SPIEGEL – App Update

Aktualisieren Sie bitte Ihre App. Wir haben unsere DER SPIEGEL App erneuert. Leider funktionieren deshalb ältere App-Versionen aus technischen Gründen nicht mehr. Um weiterhin kostenlos Nachrichten, Analysen und Reportagen zu lesen, aktualisieren Sie bitte Ihre App: Source link

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German warship visits Japan for first time in 20 years | Asia | An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW

The German navy frigate “Bayern” docked in Tokyo on Friday, with Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi declaring the first visit by a German warship in about 20 years to be an important demonstration of the security ties that bind the two nations. The Bayern, which left Germany in August and is on a seven-month deployment, conducted exercises in waters off Tokyo on Thursday with vessels and aircraft from Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Forces. The vessel is scheduled to remain in Tokyo until November 12. Kishi held talks with General Eberhard Zorn on Friday morning, with the inspector general of

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