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Nail Clippers Podiatry Instruments Set for Extra Strong Nails Including Case 6-Piece Foot Care Instruments Translation Pliers + Corner Nippers + Skin Nippers + Head Cutter + Nail Scissors + Corner Lifter – Stainless Steel

Price: €58.90
(as of Jun 25,2022 21:03:13 UTC – Details)

Professionally crafted podiatry set made of stainless steel with the 6 most important instruments for a careful and reliable mani and pedicure. Each instrument supports cutting from very hard to deep ingrown nails. The professionally cut cutting edge of the products makes your work much easier. The set includes a faux leather case with zip. It offers you the best protection when storing and transporting the instruments. Protection of the instruments thanks to a velvet insert in the case. This means that the set can be stored well at home, as well as safely transported to your practice or home visits. All instruments are sterilised and disinfectable and are made of high-quality, specially hardened stainless steel. The set consists of: 1 x translation pliers as nail clippers approx. 16 cm. For cutting particularly hard toenails without much effort thanks to the double spring. 1 x head cutter 14 cm. Thanks to the full head, it can also be used as a side cutter. 1 x skin nippers 11 cm. Cut approx. 5 mm – for painless removal of excess skin particles, 1 x corner pliers with fine tower tip, for treating deep-ingrown nails, 1 x nail scissors, extra long approx. 19 cm – with micro-serration, 1 x corner lifter, nail cleaner, for careful cleaning of the nail corners, additional protection of the pliers with individual protective caps, best quality from Rhein Instrumente based in Solingen.
This set is particularly suitable for cutting very hard toenails – can be used both private and professional use. All products can be disinfected and sterilised. Includes a high-quality storage case. Protection of the instruments thanks to a velvet insert. Provides safe transport.
1 x nail clippers with specially double-translated screw allows you to cut extremely strong nails, without effort thanks to the double spring, 1 x head cutter with particularly ground edge, which ensures a precise and clean cut, can also be used as a side cutter.
1 x corner pliers have a fine tower tip, so that even deep-ingrown nails can be easily treated. 1 x skin nipper for removing excess skin particles.
1 x nail scissors with special micro-serration, which prevents slipping when cutting, 1 x nail cleaner for gently removing dirt under the nail.

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