Integrated Program for Doctors / Dentists

Who Should Take the Leap?

Do you possess the ambition and skills but find yourself without a clear path forward? Whether you're a medical or dental student, a postgraduate trainee, or an experienced healthcare provider, if your career aspirations are aligned with Germany's renowned healthcare excellence, you are at a crucial crossroads. This is your opportunity to shape a future in one of the world's most advanced healthcare systems.

Why DMiNetz is the Platinum Standard ?

Welcome to a platform where years of frontline experience fuse with cutting-edge knowledge. The DMiNetz Integrated Program isn't just an opportunity; it's a guided journey helmed by mentors who've walked the path you're stepping onto. With us, you aren't starting from scratch; you're standing on the shoulders of giants.

What Makes Us Unbeatable

Bureaucracy Decoded:
Get an edge over others with our exclusive walkthroughs on handling German administrative complexities. (Note: While we facilitate, the final decisions are not under our influence.)

Resources Galore: 

Need Your Documents Translated? Confused About Insurance? Our Comprehensive Resource Kit And Special Collaborations Address Every Need, Every Question You Might Have.

Your Masterplan: Breaking it Down

Language Mastery, Your Way

Get started on your quest with top-of-the-line German language courses from DMiNetz, accessible from the sanctity of your home. We don't just teach German; we impart the linguistic skills crucial for healthcare in Germany.

Regular One to One Guidance Sessions with Deepak Mishra and the Team DMiNetz

Our guidance is a living entity, constantly adapting to your progress and needs. From real-time updates to on-demand advice, you're never alone in your journey.

Secure Your Dream Job, Seamlessly

Equip yourself with our industry-secret tactics for standout applications and game-changing interviews. We prepare you for opportunities so compelling, they transform into job offers.


Hello Everyone,

I would firstly highly recommend DMINETZ International to all the doctors who are looking forward in making a career in Germany, specially to the ones who do not have enough time in preparing the paperwork , getting Visa, as it is a bit complicated.

My process till Approbation was very smooth without any issues, thanks to Dr Deepak.

He made the process look very easy, prepared all the necessary documents, guided me on each step, Visa work and communicated on regular basis.

Dr Deepak Mishra is highly motivated and sincere towards his clients , would regularly find time to communicate and guide you in each step. Any issue and he is there for help.

I wish him all the best.

Tanuj Mittal

Indian Orthopedic Surgeon, Now Working in Germany

 Program Features

Online German Language

German Language Training from A1 to B2 Level and Exam Training for B2 Goethe Exam through our Language Institute in India.

Medical /Dental License

Assistance with Documentation and Application Preparation for the Medical / Dental License in your chosen State in Germany. Submission of Application to responsible Authority on your behalf.

Hospitation Search Training

Guidance for Hospitation Application. Assistance with communication with the Hospital / Clinic. Interview Preparation.

Fachsprachprüfung (FSP)Training

Assistance in Admission in Online/ Classroom FSP Courses in Germany as per availability.

Access to Online Video Course FSP to KP (Only for medical Doctors).  

Translation Of Documents

Through our trustworthy and court-authorized translators we translate your Application documents into German Language.

Online Video Courses

Unrestricted Access to our Online Video Courses, LIVE Webinars.

Visa Guidance, Insurance & Travel

Guidance for Visa Documentation. Visa Interview Preparation. Pre and Post Arrival Guidance. Guidance towards Health and Travel Insurance mandatory for Visa

Assistance with Job Search

After passing the FSP / KP Exam- Assistance with Job Search including CV Preparation. Interview Preparations.

After You Have A Job

Analysis of Job Contract. Guidance about further documentation as per requirments of the Hospital /Clinic. Guidance about Insurance ( Mandatory Health and Retirement Insurance).

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