Medical/Dental Career in Germany Pathway

Choose Career

Orientation and Decision

Find Information regarding a career in Germany as a Doctor / Dentist. Weight the Pros / Cons and decide if you see yourself as a medial professional in Germany.

Pathway Research

Search our YouTube channel and Online courses for details of the application process, documents required, exams to be expected, expenses to be expected, Visa Types etc.

Learn German Language

Start learning the German Language through your local Goethe Institute or Online with DMiNetz Language Academy, Mumbai.

Attestation & Translation

Collect the required Documents and get them Attested at your nearby VFS Center. Translation of documents has to be done through a German court-authorized Translator.

Application for Medical / Dental License

Choose one state in Germany where you wish to apply for a License. Fill out the Application Form for License through their Website and send it's Printout with Translation and Attested Documents per Post to the License Authority.

Hospitation & FSP Training

Along side language course, keep applying to Hospitation to German Hospitals via Email. Book a FSP Training before Visa Application.

Visa Application

Apply for a Visa Category 16D ; Recognition of Professional Qualification with
1) Defizitbescheid: The Response Letter from License Authority after application.
2) Hospitation Acceptance: From the German Hospital.
3) FSP Course Enrollment: From a Offline FSP Training Institute.

Visa for Germany


Do all the necessary PreDeparture Arrangement Flight booking, Accommodation, etc.

After Arrival in Germany

1) Start applying to Hospitals for a Resident Position.
2) Prepare for the FSP Exam.
3) Learn the practical German System during the Hospitation in Germany.

FSP Exam

FSP: Fachsprachprüfung - Medical German Test will provide you a Temporary License to Practice, Finding a Job as a Resident is difficult but not impossible with just Temp License.

KP Exam

Kenntisprüfung: Knowledge Test provides you will Permanent License/Approbation. Work done with this License is recognized as Postgraduate Training.

Continuous Job Search

From Arrival in Germany, continue an intensive Job Search, by the time you receive Berufserlaubnis / Approbation, you will have practiced for the Job Interviews.

Permanent Residence Permit

After a Job Contract, you must apply for Work Permit / Residence Permit, only then you can start a salaried Job.