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Learn German with Stories: Dino lernt Deutsch Collector’s Edition – Simple Short Stories for Beginners (5-8)

Price: 8,92 €
(as of Jun 08,2021 21:15:40 UTC – Details)

This collector’s edition comprises episodes 5-8 of the Dino lernt Deutsch story series for German learners: “Ahoi aus Hamburg”, “Plötzlich in Palermo”, “Walzer in Wien” and “Zurück in Zürich”.With a fistful of German learning experiences under his belt Dino follows his heart’s desire, visits friends and family back in his home country only to delve right back into the beautiful and bewildering world of Switzerland and Austria where German suddenly seems like a completely foreign language again …Follow Dino on his adventures through four different European countries, immerse yourself in North Sea breezes, a Sicilian wedding, Viennese coffee culture, Swiss mountain air, and improve your German effortlessly along the way!

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