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Learn German with Short Stories by O. Henry: Improve Your Vocabulary the Fun and Easy Way (German Edition)

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Do you Want to Learn German Language the Fast and Fun Way and Build up Your Vocabulary while Reading?

Practice Your German With These Romantic Short Stories with Good Morals!

This collection consists of best captivating stories of the American writer O.Henry in german. It is adapted and is written in simple and easy language for German learners. These stories are slightly shortened, difficult phrases in the book are replaced by colloquial ones.

You will find the following love stories here:

  • Girl
  • Witches‘ Loaves
  • The Gift oft he Magi
  • The Count and the Wedding Guest
  • The Trimmed Lamp

This book HELPS you:

  • to read American classic literature in German and enjoy it;
  • to learn and improve german vocabulary the easy way;
  • to check your own reading with the exercises after each story;
  • to check your comprehension of german language;
  • to practice speaking skills.

Each story of this book has a vocabulary list at the end of each page. You will also find exercises after each story, which are oriented on text comprehension, checking vocabulary and grammar rules and practicing of spoken german language and discussion.

Are you Looking for an Easy Way to Practice German? This Book Will Help you!

So what are you waiting for?

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