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Learn German : Classics simplified for Language Learners: Die Schatzinsel (Learn German with Novels: Classics Simplified for Language Learners 1)

Price: 2,99 €
(as of Jun 01,2021 08:20:39 UTC – Details)

Classics simplified for Language Learners presents to you "Treasure Island"!

The book is rewritten in simple language, adapted to the needs and vocabulary of advanced German learners with a completed B1-level.

A good story is a good story, with original language or with simplified language!

Follow Jim Hawkins and his friends on their journey to Treasure Island where they hope to find the legendary treasure of the feared and infamous captain Flint. Death and treason are waiting for them everywhere and they will need a hell lot of wit and luck to get out of this story unharmed. Enjoy this exceptional adventure and use it to improve your German.There is nothing better than a good read to get better in a language. Dive into this amazing story and learn about what the men experience on their dangerous and exciting treasure hunt.

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