Integrated Program for Doctors / Dentists


The Integrated Program for Doctors /Dentists is directed towards aspirants who are highly motivated and wish to pursue their careers / continue with specialisation further in Germany. In this program, you complete a significant part of your German language course in your home country before moving to Germany for medical licensing exam preparation (Fachsprachprüfung) and/or Observership (Hospitation).


This Program is suitable for present medical/dental students / PG Trainees and practising Doctors/ Dentists who are presently engaged with their study/practice.

In this Program, you will receive regular step by step guidance and updates during your Language preparation in your home country and throughout the process in Germany till you start working as a Doctor with Permanent Medical License ( PG Trainee) in Germany.

Assistance to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles and guidance with various complicated decision-making processes is the key feature of this Program. However we do not have any influence on the decisions of the of the bureaucratic Institutions.


Tell me and I Forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn- Benjamin Franklin

Online German Language

German Language Training from A1 to B2 Level and Exam Training for B2 Goethe Exam through our Language Institute in India.

Medical /Dental License

Assistance with Documentation and Application Preparation for the Medical / Dental License in your chosen State in Germany. Submission of Application to responsible Authority on your behalf.

Job Application

Job Search Training.
Guidance for Job / Hospitation Application. Assistance with communication with the Hospital / Clinic. Interview Preparation.

Fachsprachprüfung (FSP)Training

Admission in Online/ Classroom FSP Course in Germany as per availability. Access to Online Video Course FSP to KP (Only for medical Doctors) Online Exam Simulations (5 Session) with native german FSP Trainer.

Translation of Documents

Through our trustworthy and court-authorized translators we translate your Application documents into German Language.

Online Video Courses

Unrestricted Access to our Online Video Courses and LIVE Webinars Roadmap for Doctors Advanced. Roadmap for Dentists Advanced. FSP to KP Course ( only for Doctors)

Visa Guidance, Insurance & Travel

Guidance for Visa Documentation. Visa Interview Preparation. Pre and Post Arrival Guidance along with Arrangement of Taxi Pickup / Train Tickets from the nearest Airport. Guidance towards Health and Travel Insurance mandatory for Visa

After you have a Job

Analysis of Job Contract. Guidance about further documentation as per requirments of the Hospital /Clinic. Guidance about Insurance ( Mandatory Health and Retirement Insurance).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who is eligible to apply for medical PG in Germany?

A medical/dental  graduate , who has a license to work as a Doctor/ Dentist in any one country in the world. 

What is the fee expected for medical PG Seat in Germany?

The Training Hospitals in Germany donot charge any fee for the position. Infact the trainees receive a monthly salary. However another expenses such learning the german language, documents translation, visa application, travel costs, Blocked Bank account for living in Germany for around 6-12 months to complete the licensing process / do the Hospitation, Exam fees for the licensing exams, travel costs for the Interviews, fee for the licensing authorities, Insurance costs, consulting fee cannot be underestimated.  To know about our fee structure, just write us an Email.


What is the medical PG / Specialist training in Germany called ? What is the Duration ?

The medical PG is called Facharztweiterbildung. 

The Duration of the Weiterbildung ranges between 60-72 months depending on the speciality.

After completion of the course and passing a 30-60 minutes oral Exam one gets the Title called Facharzt ( in the speciality where one has worked for)

Eg: Facharzt für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie means Specialist Doctor  for Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

Facharzt für Kardiologie means Specialist Doctor for Cardiology

What is the salary of a medical PG trainee in Germany?

The trainees have a Job Contract and receive a starting gross monthly salary of around € 4700 for 40 Hours of work per week, this increases gradually every year.

With increase in experience, work capacity and potential to do additional duties on weekends and nights, an additional 20-30% income can be expected.

How to apply for medical PG in Germany?

You can choose to enroll with our consulting services and receive step by step guidance at every step of the way, or you can choose to face the challenges on your own and send your application Form along with the required documents attached with German translated documents to the Medical Licensing authority of any one State (Choose one from sixteen states in Germany) and thereby start the process for medical licensing in Germany. 

Berufserlaubnis ( Temporary Medical License) or Approbation ( Permanent Medical License ) is mandatory to start work as a Doctor in Germany. With one of those, the chances of finding a job in a German hospital are very low. 

What level of German language do i need to learn ?

To receive a medical license in Germany, one needs to have a B2 Level Certificate from  Goethe Institute

The Language Course can be done at any institute which is convenient to you or Online through DMiNetz Language Academy. You can appear for Goethe Exams as an external candidate, 


Which Exams do i need to pass before starting my medical PG in Germany ?

After your Language Exams, in general Doctors and Dentists from non-EU countries need to pass TWO Exams before they can begin their official training position.

Exam 1 : Fachsprachprüfung : Medical German Language Exam.

After this one gets a Temporary License to practice. The duration is however not counted as  official training.  Check out our Online Video Course for Exam Preparation.

Exam 2 : Kenntnissprüfung : Knowledge Test.

Mostly candidates from non-EU Countries must pass this Test to receive their permanent medical license in Germany and begin their PG Training.