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How I earned more than $17,000 through Online Courses in 8 Months

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Hello, my name is Deepak Mishra, I am a Resident Orthopedic Surgeon based in Germany.

 Here I’m going to share with you how I earned more than $17,000 through my online courses in 8 months. The Purpose of the post is to motivate like-minded individuals who have thought about building Online Courses but never followed through. With this small example, I hope to inspire at least a few readers to check out this option of Content Creation and thereby adding a source of passive income.

 At the outset, let me tell you what are the online courses: The Online courses that I have created are recorded videos. Through my Online Courses, I tried to convert my Live Activities into a Recorded Form, which could be played over and over again by a different set of students, thereby saving my time and efforts of repetition.

Through another post , I will also discuss the technicalities and process of making an Online Video Course.

It was the summer of 2020 when I came up with the idea of making an Online Course for international doctors who wish to come to Germany to pursue their postgraduate training. So far I had been making YouTube videos on this topic very inconsistently and my channel had gathered around 8-9000 Subscribers over the period of 4 years, which is a very small number in the YouTube world, but considering the specific audience whom I dedicate my Videos to, this was a huge number for me. Along with the increase in the audience on YouTube, there was a significant increase in the number of international doctors seeking my personal guidance.

To cater to the huge number of queries, I decided to build a cost-effective and time-effective way to explain foreign doctors the step by step pathway for medical PG / medical career in Germany. Hence, the name of the course ‘Roadmap for Doctors coming to Germany’.

Like any good content creator, before I started to work on the project, I decided to test the waters and see if there is any demand for such a paid course, especially when most of the Information is already posted on my YouTube Channel. I made the outline of the potential course and made a couple of Advertisements through my YT Channel and on Facebook that the course was on SALE for €39 for 2 Weeks, after which the price will increase as more and more content is poured into the course. In these 2 weeks, I had 27 Purchases, equivalent to € 1053.

Now I knew, I had to take the course, so I seriously decided to work on it, then came the new Problem. The CORONA Lockdown, all shops closed, No Postal Service, No Amazon Delivery.

I wanted to order a  good  Webcam and Microphone, but that was not possible. So instead of waiting for the Lockdown to end, I started working with what I had.  This course will never qualify as an excellent piece of work if one considers the picture and sound quality, but for someone willing to focus on the content and information, this course covers almost all important aspects of the process, that a foreign doctor needs to know before embarking on the journey towards a career in Germany.  A thought crossed my mind, since there is no such single source of Information, building one would be shooting myself in the foot, as the Guidance for which companies charge thousands of Euros will be packed here and easily available at a very nominal fee, even few of our Candidates from our consulting services protested towards the release of such an online course for such small fee, however since the online course would not include personal, individualized and unlimited LIVE  guidance over the entire process, which the consulting candidates enjoyed, the difference in the Fee could be justified.

After the initial two weeks, the price of the course increased gradually for the other two weeks, during which I worked intensively on the course and created 25 Videos with around 6 hours of high-value content, after which the price stabilized at €99. In the next 6 months, this course was further purchased by 30 other Candidates at different prices at different times bringing the sum to the total of around €3700.

Seeing the Sample Videos about the Courses for Doctors on our YouTube Channel, few dentists in our FB Group and YouTube requested to build a similar course for Dentists as well, as most of the content was same, and I needed to only make few additional videos specific for Dentists, I started the work gladly, and followed my tried and tested method of  Pre-Sale to earn around €700, which was enough motivation for creating those additional videos specific for Dentists coming to Germany. 

(Total 3700 + 700 = 4400 )

Since my school days, I enjoyed teaching. Even during my days in the medical colleges, whenever I thought of doing anything else in addition to my medical career, the only thing that I liked or was good at was teaching.  When I started Online LIVE Training for Fachsprachprüfung for foreign doctors, even though it was very hectic, I enjoyed every moment of it. The sad part was, after few Pilot Batches, I could not continue it,  as it required lots of hard work and time, and financially it was not viable to teach small batches of doctors at odd hours, disturbing your own schedule and life.  Since then, I always thought, why not record all the lectures and build a course, so that not just the students in that particular batch but many more candidates can benefit from it in the future.

After having learn the Art of Course Making with the other two courses, I now felt ready for taking on the huge project of making a Course for Fachsprachprüfung in German-English.

After having visualized the course, I decided to Test the Waters again, I posted an Advertisement about the course at the Offer Price of €150. To my surprise this was sold more rapidly than I had anticipated, maybe the reason was, it is one of its kind, whereas most online courses are just Exam Practice Sessions conducted by mostly nursing professionals and language teachers based in Germany, which can cost thousands of Euros, this course aimed to provide theoretical knowledge and practical know-how of the functioning of a healthcare System in German-English language, and being build by a foreign doctor working in Germany himself, all at a very cheap price and with unlimited access.  Around 22 Candidates purchased this course at this price, raising a sum of €3300, furthermore, 42 Candidates have enrolled in the course at different times, till the price stabilized at €299, when most of the course was complete, raising approximately € 7500. (Total €10,800 ). Even though the sum looks attractive, considering the work done and time required for this course, each and every weekend and each and every Holiday spent for 6 months building this course, which I could have spent with my family or honing my skills and knowledge as a surgeon in my view its worth much more. Even now some Videos are pending in this course, but I am already getting lots of Feedbacks from the candidates who have actually taken the FSP Exam in Germany and aced it

Total Balance : 

Income : Roadmap for Doctors : 3700 +

Roadmap for Dentists : 700 +

FSP to KP Intensiv Course : 10,800

Total                                    = 15,200 Euros

Expenses : Total around 1000 Euros

Profit Euro 14,200 = USD 17,200

To check out the details of the courses that I made, just click the given Link https://www.dminetzinternational.com/online-courses/

If this article has encouraged you to build such a course in topics /subjects best known to you, do let me know in the comments to this article.

Best Regards

Deepak Mishra

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