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Training and Career Consulting for Doctors and Dentists headed for a career in Germany.

Germany has emerged as a new career destination for non-EU healthcare professionals, while it relaxed legislation on this topic in 2012. 

As it always is, the opportunities seldom come without challenges, in the case of medical career in Germany, the German Language, the opaque bureaucratic system, strict regulations and ever-increasing competition are significant hurdles that an international candidate has to overcome to work in his profession in Germany. 

In 2017, DMiNetz International was founded in Northeim, Germany, to guide and support international healthcare professionals who strive to make their careers in Germany.  Since then, by bringing positive influence in the lives of our candidates, we have succeeded to build an ecosystem of Trust and Reliability for those embarking on the journey towards the unknown.

I, Deepak Mishra landed in Germany in October 2014 for the first time. After navigating through the pathway, going through every aspect of the application and licensing process, and working my way forwards through the training program, I reached the milestone of becoming a Specialist Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon in Germany.

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Deepak Mishra

What others say about us

Dear Dr.Deepak Mishra, Let me introduce myself as Prem Vignesh’s father. Feeling really elated at the success of my son Prem at the Approbation test and besides his hardwork the credit goes to your apt guidance for which me and my wife are indebted to you and your wife. Kindly continue to guide him in his future endeavours also. We Will definitely meet you when we visit Germany. Once again thank you for your guidance.
With regards,
Dr.Mohan Jayaraman
General Surgeon, India
Dr. Deepak and his Team is doing a wonderful job . He provides through insight of the pathway to work in Germany specially for Asian doctors. He continuously updates relevant information regarding the pathway,moreover the Fsp to Kp course is a definite plus for everyone preparing for exam. The only thing i would suggest is to start a live fsp-kp course.
Dr.Naseer Butt
Pakistani Doctor in Germany
I m doing B1 level (online) from DMiNetz International presently, and no doubt in that the teaching is best I had ever experienced. Deepak Mishra sir. Motivates immensly, and special thing about his videos is that , He keeps the things in front of viewers very clearly like a transparent glass. He says Pros and cons about everything. Explains every single doubts of viewers in his YouTube videos, which other companies would demand money for . Genuinely ,he is bringing very helpful videos for students like us. Thanking Deepak Mishra sir and Dminetz team for such a grt effort and help.
Dr. Nirdosh Patel
I have taken the online German classes from DMINETZ and it's really helpful and convenient. Dr. Deepak Mishra is very informative on the steps to be taken for preparing for Medical PG in Germany.I am taking German classes with Kalyani Ma'am. She has excellent teaching skills. Each classes are scheduled according to my convenient timings. Kalyani Ma'am is more than happy to clear my doubts at any time of the day. She takes enough time to patiently explain each and everything until you understand the topic completely. Highly recommend👍🏻
Dr. Reshma Sudhakaran
Dr Deepak's videos have been very informative especially for doctors. Thanking you for the same. It's really nice that you take time out from your residency schedule and help guys like us. Also, you try to answer everyone's questions even if they've been repeated before. Your work on this platform is truly appreciable. I have myself, gained most of my information from your videos. The fact that you're trying to cater to as many people as possible is noteworthy and this webinar session is going to serve the needy youngsters. I hope to see you and your future endeavours grow! All the very best for the future! Humble regards, Mehul
Dr.Mehul Lapsiwala
Doctor, India
DMiNetz International and Dr. Deepak Mishra are, to my knowledge (and I have done quite some research on this), are the best consulting firm/language school in India to guide us to a medical residency in Germany. Dr. Deepak especially is one of the earlier residents to have cracked the German red-tape and bureaucracy and so, when he speaks, he speaks with a lot of clarity on issues and based on first-hand experience. It is a quality that I feel is really unique to a career consultant. Also, his YouTube videos in the midst of his busy residency programme, really only highlights that the man is helping people like me so much without really expecting much in return. Now, with his business endeavour, he aims to do this in a more structured, planned format and he only charges that much as is required. So I wish the company the very best in all its ambitions.
Dr.Prem Vignesh, MS Gen. Surgery, India
Surgery Resident, Germany.
DMiNetz has been pioneer in providing extensive information regarding insights for foreign medical doctors in their pursuit for specialist training in Germany since its inception.​
Nagesh Shanbag
Doctor, India
The FSP course is really a recommendable package that will help you prepare not only for C1 medicine but also upto a considerable extent for the KP.
Dr.Omkar Shete
Indian Doctor in Germany
Flexibility with time and days, liniency, focus on the weak points. It was a really good experience learning with Mr. Ajit Adsul. I've completed level A1 and looking forward to moving to the next level with DMiNetz International
Dr. Asma Patel
Doctor, Saudi Arabia
The most genuine and reliable source of knowledge for doctors in Germany. A big thanks to Dr Mishra for all the help.
Dr. Shantanu Singh
Anaesthesia Resident Doctor, Germany
In my personal opinion, DMiNetz International is a reliable organisation providing Career Consulting for foreign medical professionals in Germany supported by online German language training and online Fachsprach training for Doctors. It is the brainchild of Dr. Deepak Mishra who is currently a 5th year Orthopedic Resident in Germany. Ever since the inception of its YouTube channel about 3 years ago, DMiNetz International has been given Doctors accurate, up-to-date and practical information. The 125 plus Videos (some of them incorporated in Playlists) cover an extensive range of interesting topics such as Expenses expected, Success stories and Interviews and anecdotes from Life of a Doctor in Germany. It is no wonder that they have more than 10000 subscribers! Moreover their FSP to KP Intensive Course is a unique course with a lot of thought and ongoing hard work. Important topics are explained in German and English along with depiction of typical Exam case scenarios with each case. Highly recommended!.
Dr.Syed Safvi Mahmood
Indian Doctor in Germany

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