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Health Insurance Germany for International Students


The law in Germany requires everyone to have health insurance, including international students. Health insurance is also a pre requisite to get a student visa to Germany, It is also your legal safety net in times of need.

An international student under the age of 30 enrolled in a degree program at a German university,  can either choose to register with a public health insurance provider or can benefit from the statutory health insurance scheme.

Students over 30 years old, language and preparatory course students, PhD students, and guest scientists, however, only have the option of getting private health insurance.

International students from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia, Tunisia, and Turkey do not need to get additional health insurance because their public insurance plans from their home countries are valid in Germany.

The following categories are not eligible for the public German health insurance scheme:

1- Students who are working as freelancers or are self-employed.
2- Students who are not enrolled in degree programs in Germany (e.g.: preparatory or language courses).
3- Post-graduate students and scholarship holders (without a contract of employment).
4- Guest Scientists and Researchers.

How much does student health insurance in Germany cost?

International students opting for a public health insurance provider, pay from €103.94 – €111.75 per month and it covers basic healthcare as well as long-term care insurance.

Private health insurance starts at around €33 per month and increases subjectively to the services opted for and the time frame of the requirement.

What does health insurance for international students cover?

The health insurance provider takes care of your health-related issues likes as costs for visits to doctors, treatment, medication, screening examinations, rehabilitation, and basic dentist treatments. For example, if you need dentures, it only pays a part of the whole sum.

Health Insurance for Preparatory Course Students in Germany

By the end of their preparatory course, these students should pass an exam, so that they can enrol in their degree program. As a result, they will be eligible to register with statutory health insurance providers. Until that happens, preparatory course students must have health insurance, in this case from private health insurance providers in Germany  

Health Insurance for Exchange Students in Germany

Exchange students are usually in Germany for a short period of time – one semester. They can rely on their European Health Insurance Card to cover healthcare services. However, exchange students are part of degree programs hence they are eligible to take up public health insurance and make use of the student discounted amount like full-time foreign students in Germany.

Health Insurance for Ph.D. Students in Germany

Ph.D. students can be divided into two categories:
1- Ph.D. students who are staff members of the university.
2- Ph.D. students who are not staff members of the university.

Ph.D. students employed by the university are not required to take care of the health care insurance on their own as it is usually taken care of by their employer. since it is unlikely that their payroll is above the threshold that gives them the possibility to register with private insurers.
Ph.D. students who are not employed have to go ahead with private health insurance as they are usually above the age of 30.

If you’re a student who’s considering studying abroad in Germany, there are plenty of great benefits to doing so—the country possesses rich history and culture, plus it’s relatively safe and crime-free. Plus, you get a discount on your public transportation and on some museums for just being a student!

Hopefully, we’ve impressed upon you just how important health insurance is for international students. And fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options available to choose from in Germany. The key here is to buy the right kind of health insurance that fulfills your specific needs. International students often fall under a unique category, being ineligible for certain kinds of health coverage, or only eligible for a temporary period. When in doubt, talk to your student advisor or a reputable insurer before signing up.

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