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Dissecting Dissecting Cutlery Set in Case – Filled with 13 Surgical Instruments

Price: €41.95
(as of Jun 19,2022 07:21:30 UTC – Details)

The 13 Piece dissecting/dissecting cutlery for the medical students are quality instruments made of stainless steel. The set consists of 4 Skalpellen with secure blade, 2 fine head probes and two pairs of scissors. The dissecting dissecting cutlery set is an ideal companion for the Präparieren in work. The content consists of: 1x Dissecting Scissors, 11, 5 cm Sharpening/pointed, 1x scissors incisions, 14 cm, 4x accommodate different scalpels, 1x Ergonomic forceps 14 cm, 1 x Cannula support. angled, 13 cm, 1 x dissecting knife Lanzettenförmig, 13 cm, 1x Dissecting Needle Straight, 13 cm 1 x dissecting tweezers with guide pin anatomically shaped, pointy 13 cm 1 X 2 mm – 14 cm, 1x 1 mm, double ended probe knob ended probe, 14 cm, 1x pu leather pen case folder with zip fastener and release film, approx size when open: 21 × 14 × 2, 5 cm
4x Different scalpels, 1 x anatomical tweezers, 14 cm,
1 Angled Cannulae Träger,, 13 cm, 1 x Dissecting knife Lanzettenförmig 13 cm
1x Dissecting 13 cm Straight Needle, 1x Dissecting tweezers with guide pin anatomically shaped, pointy 13 cm
1x 2 mm – 14 cm, double ended 14 cm/1x 1 mm double ended probe knob probe

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