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If we could see more!

Being a Doctor in India is a tough job, and it is a tough job in a differentcountry where you do not speak the language fluently. Or at least not yet.The COVID 19 Situation makes the transition scenario from doing the toughjob in home country to the tough job in a different one definitely little trickierthan it already is! But that’s for a different time.I recently completed one year of living in Germany, rather a small town ofEast Germany, where they say the real charm of living in a‘Deutschsprachige Land’ lies. I spent two beautiful

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Required Documents for Application for Medical License in Germany

Birth certificate If the name used differs from the one on the birth certificate: proof of a name change (e.g. marriage certificate) Passport: Valid proof of identity Curriculum vitae: Complete and personally signed CV (Tabular and chronological list of the training courses completed and the employment activities performed, specifying the periods (month/year) and enclosing the relevant evidence/ Work Experience Certificates) Medical Degree /Diploma: Proof of your Completed Medical Course e.g. Diploma /Degree. Transcript of Hours and Marks: Overview of the subjects completed during the course with the Number of hours and Grades/ Marks (you can

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