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Blocked Account for Student Visa Application

blocked bank account for german visa

If you wish to apply for a German student visa then proof of financial stability is one of the
most important requirements that you need to keep in mind, especially for non-EU
students who wish to study in Germany. An applicant of a student visa should open a
blocked bank account before entering Germany from their home country itself.

In the German blocked bank account, the holder needs to transfer the amount of 11,208 euro to prove that they have the means to finance themselves throughout the course of first year of studying in the German University and the amount remains blocked in the German bank until the student reaches the country. Now once the student is in the country, he or she will be able to withdraw a maximum of 934 euros per month. The amounts change every year, so make sure to find the lastest amount before applying for a Blocked Account.

How to open a blocked account for a German student visa:

The basic requirements of opening a blocked
account are:
 Application Form
 Valid Passport
 The University Admission letter
 Funds in your / sponsor´s Bank Account

Here we have talked about one of the companies which offers Blocked Bank Account.
The following is our opinion, and we donot have any affiliations to the company.

Let’s talk about Expatrio blocked bank accounts. A blocked bank account through Expatrio can be processed online, without going through bureaucratic procedures has made them very popular among prospective students. Expatrio is a very large and functional
company built with a clear goal of helping international students in Germany. And many students have benefitted from the services which are offered by Expatrio. The Expatrio blocked account is very much officially approved by the German Federal Office and is widely
recommended by the local authorities. The company is very much smoother and also safe to work with, also it’s very cheap. Expatrio also offers the students services which includes opening a normal bank account where the blocked money can be transferred regularly and
offer a variety of different insurances.

Process of opening a blocked account at Expatrio:
You will only need a valid passport to open a bank account . It involves certain steps such as:
 Fill out the application form: In this application form you need to fill all your personal details and all the
information which verifies your identity.
 Deposit the required amount of money: After the making of your blocked account
you need to transfer the required funds to your Expatrio blocked bank account.
However it requires some time to transfer the funds like around 5 days depending
on the bank.
 Receive a confirmation mail: Just as soon as the funds are transferred, you will get a
confirmation mail from Expatrio regarding the completion of your blocked account.
 Take the Confirmation Mail to your visa Interview: It proves that you have the means to pay for
your monthly expenses in Germany.

 Access your money: Once you enter the country you need to open a normal bank
account with one of the German banks and then your funds from the Expatrio bank
account will be transferred there.

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