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About our Company

We are a Career Consulting and Training Company based in Essen, Germany, with our representation in India, through DMiNetz Online Language Academy, Mumbai.
With our international network, we facilitate international doctors, dentists, physiotherapists and nurses to achieve their professional goals in Germany.
We focus on preparing international professionals and make them suitable for the German Health Care System.

Deepak Mishra

Founder : DMiNetz International, Germany

Founder : Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ärzte und Zahnärzte Indischer Herkunft  German Association of Doctors and Dentists of Indian Origin ( dgaezi.de )

After MBBS from the reputed B.J.Government Medical College in Pune, India, he went on to pursue his specialist training in Orthopaedics and Traumasurgery in Germany in year 2015.

Anil Mishra

Director : DMiNetz Online Language Academy, Mumbai
Email : [email protected]
Contact : (+91) 9821166316