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200Pcs/Box Self Sealing Sterilization Autoclaves Dental Tool Bag Dental Self Sealing Sterilization Bag for Cleaning Tools

Price: €26.11
(as of Jun 25,2022 06:37:50 UTC – Details)

This product is made of strong sterilizing paper for medical purposes, is safe and convenient to use.Perforated folds helps to form a sealed storage.Secure the seal to prevent tearing of the spiked instruments.Special two-sided adhesive seal, quick and efficient sealing, no professional equipment required.

1. There is a simple thumb opening in each pocket.
2. Special double-sided adhesive seal.
3. Made from strong medical sterilization paper.
4. Perforated folding design helps to form a sealed storage.
5. Quick and efficient sealing, no professional equipment required.
6. Secure the seal to prevent spiked instruments from tearing
7. Sealed corners prevent the collection of frizzles and impurities.

Item Type: Sterilization Bag
Material: sterilising paper.
Size: approx. 90 x 260 mm, 135 x 260 mm (optional).
Package weight: approx. 360 g.

Package includes:
1 x box of 200 pieces.

Fold the perforation back and fold it while the protective strip is still present.Load the clean instruments with gloves in the bag.Do not overfill bag.We recommend 3¼ 4 full.Make sure that the instruments do not penetrate into the packaging.Excess air out.Remove the strip from the glue, fold it on the perforated line and stick it on both the plastic and on the paper to form a tight seal.

QUICK AND EFFICIENT: Perforated folding design, helps to build a sealed storage.Quick and efficient sealing, no professional equipment required.These self-sterilization bags help to the safety of employees and dental patients.
Sterile hold: Sealed corners prevent collecting frizzles and contaminants. After cleaning, they must be placed in sterile bags or bags to ensure they remain sterile until the next use.
Professional Dental Instruments: 200 self-sterilization bags: With these sterilization bags, dental cleaning tools and other dental instruments will be sterilized until next use. Keep your dental practice or laboratory clean and sterile with these bags.
Size: Approx. 90 x 260 mm/135 x 260 mm (optional). Package includes: 1 x box of 200 pieces.

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