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50 Thousand more doctors will be needed in Germany till 2034.  

www.rnd.de (German News Website-Report  15.04.2024)


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At DMiNetz International, our products and services are consistently refined to reflect a decade of expertise in guiding doctors and dentists in Germany. Since 2017, we've empowered hundreds of professionals with updated, effective strategies based on our extensive local experience.

Our offerings are meticulously crafted to accelerate your career success in the German healthcare sector.

About the Founder

Deepak Mishra

Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon, Germany. MBBS, India.

I arrived in Germany in October 2014, and by December of the same year, I held my very first appointment letter. My journey encompassed a spectrum of challenges, from navigating the intricacies of hospitation applications and visa documentation to undergoing the licensing process, embarking on the job search, and conquering the KP Exam. Throughout this arduous path, I remained unwavering in my passion and belief in my destiny. After all this journey requires unwavering dedication, boundless patience, and unyielding persistence.

Overcoming each obstacle, I ultimately achieved my goal of specializing in Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery in Germany.

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Recorded Online Courses

Roadmap for Medical/ Dental PG in Germany

Main Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Guidance : 
    Navigate every juncture from your home base to your destined career position in Germany.
  • DMiNetz Community :
    A Network of people with common goal about Medical Career in Germany.
  • Insider Industry Tips :
    Learn actionable strategies that will put you miles ahead in job applications and interviews.
  • 24/7 Accessibility:
    The fully online platform lets you take control, learn at your pace, and revisit content whenever you need it.

Don't Leave Your German Medical Career to Chance. Secure Your Spot in the Roadmap Video Course and Take the Guesswork Out of Your Journey!

Complete Career Navigation

Expert Healthcare career Insights

Learn on Your Schedule

Recorded Online Courses

FSP to KP Preparation Course

Main Benefits:

  • Bilingual Instruction: 
    Key medical concepts, diagnostics, decision-making, and treatment protocols are explained in both English and German, making complex topics accessible and easier to understand.
  • Comprehensive Coverage :
    The course thoroughly covers the entire syllabus for the Fachsprachprüfung (FSP) and most part of Kenntnisprüfung (KP) exams, ensuring all required content is mastered.
  • Practical Application:
     Lessons and content are designed based on real-life medical practice in German hospitals, providing practical knowledge and insights that are crucial for passing the FSP and KP exams.
  • Culturally Relevant Learning:
    The course includes standard protocols from textbooks and integrates them with practical, real-world medical practices observed in Germany, preparing candidates not just for exams but for actual medical practice in Germany.
  • 24/7 Accessibility:
    The fully online platform lets you take control, learn at your pace, and revisit content whenever you need it.

Master Your Fachsprachprüfung: Enroll in Our Comprehensive Preparation Course and

 Propel Your Medical Career in Germany Forward!

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Get started with your Career in Germany

Kickstart your medical or dental career in Germany with precision and passion. Seize the opportunity to thrive in one of the world's leading healthcare systems. Let's transform your aspirations into achievements—start your journey today!

Requirements for Medical PG in Germany: 

Some major requirements to start your Specialist Training in Germany.

  • Completed Medical / Dental Training
  • Completed 12 Months Rotational Internship
  • License to Practice Medicine / Dentistry
  • German Language Level B2 Certificate
  • Pass Medical German Language Test in Germany 
  • Pass Knowledge Test in Germany 
  • Pass Medical German Language Test in Germany 
  • Pass Knowledge Test in Germany 

Some Benefits of Career and Life in Germany.

  • State Of The Art Healthcare Infrastructure
  • Social Security And Good Income
  • Work Life Balance
  • High Demand For Qualified Professionals

Why Enroll with DMiNetz International ? 

Here's why:


Here are some common questions about Medical / Dental Career in Germany

Who Is Eligible To Apply For Medical PG In Germany?

A medical/dental  graduate, who has a license to work as a Doctor/ Dentist.

What Are the Expected Costs for a Medical / Dental PG Seat in Germany?

Training hospitals in Germany offer positions without charging fees, and trainees even receive a monthly salary. However, it's important to account for other expenses such as German language courses, document translation, visa applications, travel, a blocked bank account for living expenses, licensing exam fees, interview travel costs, fees for licensing authorities, insurance, and consulting services. These costs can add up, so it's crucial not to underestimate them. For details on our fee structure, feel free to send us an email.

What is the medical postgraduate or specialist training program in Germany called, and what is its duration?

In Germany, medical postgraduate or specialist training is referred to as "Facharztausbildung." The duration of this training typically ranges between five to six years, depending on the medical specialty.

What is the typical salary for a medical postgraduate trainee in Germany?

The salary of a medical postgraduate trainee, or "Assistenzarzt," in Germany varies based on the hospital and region, but typically starts from around €4,800 gross per month. Over the course of training, this can increase significantly depending on experience, additional qualifications, and the specific medical field. It's also important to consider additional pay for night shifts, weekends, and overtime, which can substantially boost overall earnings.

How To Apply For Medical PG In Germany?

To apply for medical postgraduate training in Germany, you have two options. You can either enroll in our consulting services for comprehensive, step-by-step guidance, or you can independently submit your application. If you choose the latter, send your application form and necessary documents—translated into German—to the Medical Licensing Authority of any one of the sixteen German states to initiate your medical licensing process. Note that possessing a Berufserlaubnis (Temporary Medical License) or an Approbation (Permanent Medical License) is essential, as without one, finding a job in a German hospital is highly unlikely.

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